Saturday, September 24, 2011

Most Expensive Diamond Wedding Cake

The $1.65 million diamond cake, we told you about last Christmas, takes a backseat with the $20 million wedding cake that has made its debut in Beverly Hills. The diamond cake is the most expensive diamond wedding cake ever and is created by Mimi So Jewellers and cake designer Nahid La Patisserie Artistique. The edible opulence is the star attraction of the Luxury Brands Bridal Show held at Rodeo Drive. The confection includes diamonds that are priceless in value and exclusive in application and the design is created expressly for this occasion. So, if by any chance, you have still not made-it-out, then let me tell you folks,this luxurious cake is not meant for eating. Update: Dig in the real picture of the $20 million wedding cake.

World's most expensive diamond

The only jewelry news that could steal the spotlight from Prince William giving Kate his mother's sapphire engagement ring is this little tidbit:

An extremely rare pink diamond just smashed the price record for most expensive diamond (and piece of jewelry) sold at auction - in the world!

Sotheby's placed early price estimates in the high $20 million range, but one megarich diamond collector paid nearly double that paltry sum - a whopping $46.16 million!

And that's not the half of it. This fellow, Laurence Graff, already owns the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond which used to hold the title of most expensive stone in the world at $24.3 million. That is until this flawless 24.78-carat piece of pink perfection went under the hammer.

Call me crazy, but how can the entire state of California be nearly bankrupt and this dude have enough in the coffers to buy flawless diamonds in his spare time?

That said, I find it interesting that Laurence Graff is a self-made gazillionaire - a 14-year-old dropout from the mean streets of London. So I suppose this Charles Dickens tale of rags to riches has the kind of happy ending any self-proclaimed jewelry hound would find hard to resist.

Most expensive laptop ever, 24k gold and diamond macbook

This is the most expensive laptop in the world, fitted with 25.5 carats of flawless diamonds. A total of 53 diamants individually set in a solid 24ct gold apple logo.
The whole housing is made of highly polished solid 24ct gold. Weighing about 2600 grams this is certainly not the most portable macbook ever, but you have to be a little light in the head if you are willing to spend the stunning amount of 219,995.00 British pounds (about $339,826.00)
The so called “piece of art” is available in a limited edition of 10 only, so if you feel the need and have the purchasing power: be quick.