Monday, November 26, 2012


The most expensive candy bar actually appears regularly in the television show Lost, where the characters in the show have stolen many of them out of a research station they find on the deserted island. However, the candy bar actually had a larger impact on the alternate reality game show The Lost Experience, where contestants’ actions determined the outcome of the game. During promotion for the game show, the producers handed out many of the Apollo candy bar and also invited many people to be photographed with the candy bar, so that their pictures could be seen online. Once enough pictures were collected, the producers also distributed a video that would conclude the game. It’s from the candy bars that were handed out as marketing efforts that comes the most expensive candy bar. This particular Apollo candy bar was sold on eBay just before the release of the conclusion video. It sold for $130 USD, making it the most expensive candy bar ever sold. Apollo bars are still for sale on eBay but they usually only cost about $10 USD.


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