Monday, November 26, 2012

$5.7 Million Gown Sets The World Record For Most Expensive Dress

If you’ve been waiting to spend millions on something you never thought you’d need, here’s a record-breaking black diamond dress that’s just begging to be worn. United Kingdom-based designer Debbie Wingham has been touring the world and showcasing her designs all year. The first stop was in Monte Carlo in June, the second in Ukraine in September, and she plans on displaying her wares in Dubai and Switzerland later this year. Earlier this month, Wingham showed a collection of dresses, several of which were embellished with diamonds. One in particular was a hands-down showstopper. The dress in question isn’t just any ol’ black peplum dress, but a fantastical creation made with white diamonds, and — wait for it — 50 two-carat black diamonds. The dress was hand-sewn, weighs 29 pounds, and costs around a cool $5.7 million. Yes, it is the world’s Most Expensive Dress, according to the World Record Academy. Twenty-five black diamonds were used on the bodice (which took six months alone to create) and peplum hem, and 25 more were used on the detachable shrug. It’s safe to say that Wingham’s name will be on everyone’s lips, and although she’s new to us, she’s actually been in the industry for a while and her designs have been worn by celebs like Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank, and Amy Smart. So tell us, if you had $5.7 million lying around, would you buy this dress? Let us know below!


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